Growing a better South Africa

Means rethinking the way we do business.


Peotona Group Holdings (PGH) is a majority black women-owned investment company founded on the belief that when we all grow, we grow stronger. Founded in 2005 by four ambitious, talented and significantly experienced women, who felt deeply that in South Africa corporate social responsibility cannot be just a special mention in an annual report. Instead, they believed it must be a long-term commitment to an organisation’s employees and their communities as, without their growth, one’s business isn’t sustainable. With this in mind they named the company Peotona, meaning Seeds of Greatness in Setswana. Beyond traditional business principles, true, long-term commercial success also required that their employees and communities benefited.

As such, transformation begins with the business itself, as the company’s very sustainability is dependent upon the relationship with its employees and their communities.

Taking a new road

The founding vision

Cheryl Carolus

Thandi Orleyn

Wendy Lucas-Bull

The Late

Dolly Mogkatle

From the outset, the founders wanted to build a company that demonstrated a new model for empowerment and sustainable, profitable businesses in South Africa.

It is a model that brings the employees and their communities into core business strategy and, in so doing, plays a critical role in the transformation of South Africa.

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