Preparing the ground

The what, when and who of our company


PGH is a uniquely South African story of success. For over 15 years, it has demonstrated the power of its founders’ idea: that it takes a community to raise a business. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but every day PGH grew better at what it did and how it operated, led by the four directors who have personally driven all trusts and initiatives with partner companies.

The four women founders proved that they could succeed and thrive at the levels of their male colleagues. Their personal experience of having to overcome significant hurdles in a man’s world gave them compas-sion, resilience and a new perspective as to the role of business within society. And the four founders proved that effective corporate social responsibility isn’t just a cost of doing business, but instead is integral to the success of any business.

The Peotona Structure

Our Company consists of two equally important components:

  • Peotona Group Holdings, which houses our for-profit business investments
  • Peotona Development NPC, a Not-for-Profit Company which houses the employee and community-based trusts

Our work

  • Our transactions have resulted in more than 60% of PGH investments placed directly into Peotona Development (or a bespoke trust) focused on employees and their communities.
  • Most of our larger transactions are structured so that over two-thirds of earnings are ringfenced to the benefit of communities adjacent to the asset. No other investment company has achieved this level.
  • Our relationships have secured highly skilled, professional, business and NGO partners.
  • These investments contribute positively to the social transformation of SA, and enables improvement to Investee Company Scorecard.

Significant percentage of each investment placed directly into Non-Profit company/bespoke trust

The Peotona Board

Thandi Orleyn

Chair of :
bp Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd
Lafarge Industries SA (Pty) Ltd
Lafarge Mining SA (Pty) Ltd
Tokiso Dispute Settlement (Pty) Ltd

Board member of:
Ceramic Industries (Pty) Ltd
DBCM Holdings (Pty) Ltd
De Beers Consolidated Mines (Pty) Ltd
Industrial Development Corporation of SA Ltd (‘the IDC’)
Toyota SA (Pty) Ltd

Wendy Lucas-Bull

Chair of :
Shoprite Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Board member of:
Afrika Tikkun NPC
GBVF Response Fund

Cheryl Carolus

Chair of :
Grindrod (Pty) Ltd
IQ Business (Pty) Ltd

Board member of:
Ash Resources (Pty) Ltd
DBCM Holdings (Pty) Ltd
De Beers Consolidated Mines (Pty) Ltd

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